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Dark River Inn (Troubled Spirits) (Paperback)

Dark River Inn (Troubled Spirits) (Paperback)


Inspired by a chilling true story...


It's the day of his ex-wife's wedding when Dan makes the winding mountain journey to a remote cabin for an escape from the life that another man has stepped into.


Less than 48 hours into his reprieve, the forest tranquility is shattered when he looks through a telescope and witnesses the violent abduction of a young woman.


Dan springs into action, but there's no evidence of an abduction nor reports of a missing woman.


That is, until Dan sees the missing person's poster for Ivy Trent.


He's sure it's the woman he saw get kidnapped just days before. There's only one problem. Ivy disappeared ten years ago.


If you're searching for a paranormal thriller that you'll be reading with the lights on, grab Troubled Spirits today-the first in a series of stand-alone haunted mysteries inspired by true stories.

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