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Face the Music (Paperback)

Face the Music (Paperback)


The Luxury Tour is predicted to be the biggest concert of the decade.

Connie's best friend has the life changing opportunity of being the opening act. Packed up and ready to go, Connie is excited to enjoy every minute. Little do they know the adventure includes a reunion with Eric, the rugged security guard from Connie's past, igniting sparks and irresistible chemistry.

Eric's grateful to accept a security gig. A few weeks helping out and a big payday, should be easy enough. Until he sees Connie. He never expected to see her again, especially not after five years.

Amidst the glamour of the music industry, and tight quarters of a tour bus, Connie and Eric navigate the complexities of past pain and passion. As the memories of the past clash with the reality of the present, can they get their timing right?

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