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Ghoulia and The Ghost With No Name (Book #3) (Hardcover)

Ghoulia and The Ghost With No Name (Book #3) (Hardcover)


Ghoulia and the Ghost with No Name is the third bookin author/artist Barbara Cantini’s fully illustrated, not-so-spooky chapter book series starring everyone’s favorite little zombie.

Ghoulia, Auntie Departed, and Tragedy the greyhound are back for another adventure at

Crumbling Manor! They’re preparing for the annual Dead but Not Departed New Year’s Eve

party. A young ghost arrives, and he seems to be fading away. Turns out, the ghost has forgotten his own name and is in danger of vanishing entirely—all because there’s no one left alive who remembers him.

Not on Ghoulia’s watch! If she can help the ghost figure out his name, she’ll be able to keep him safe. But will Ghoulia be able to discover the truth before it’s too late?

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