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Not a Showmance(Paperback)

Not a Showmance(Paperback)


Join Amelia, the fiery part-time barista with a heart full of ambition, as she defies all odds to breathe life into her own theater, The Rose Theatre. But with her family casting shadows on her dreams, Amelia faces a dramatic challenge.


Enter Valerie, a social media maven in need of a fresh start. Hired to manage the theatre's online presence, she steps into a whirlwind of creativity and passion. Little does she know that the theatre's captivating owner will captivate her heart as well. As Amelia and Valerie join forces to prepare for opening night, sparks fly. Together, they unravel the mysteries of their own desires and uncover a love as breathtaking as a standing ovation. But with the weight of family expectations and heartbreaks lingering in the wings, will their romance be a showstopper?


With a vibrant theatre as their backdrop and love as their leading lady, Amelia and Valerie will steal your heart in a performance you won't want to miss.

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